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­  They say variety is the spice of life—but it can be downright poisonous to your career path. Maybe it took you a while to figure out your passion, so you dabbled in this and that. Perhaps you made a few detours in light of the tough job market. Or maybe you’re one of the millions of people juggling distinct part-time gigs rather than one full-time role.

­  有人说多样化让生活更有情趣——但这可能十分不利于你的职业生涯。也许你是需要一段时间去弄清楚你的激情所在,所以你涉猎于职场的各个方面。也许你是因为严峻的就业市场形式而走了一些弯路。或者,也许你是像很多人一样,同时应付着不同的兼职工作,而不去做一份全职工作。

­  Exploring different options can work in your favor because it broadens your experience and exposes you to a variety of fields. Problem is, when you apply for a position you really want that speaks to your skill set and professional goals, hiring managers might pass you up in favor of candidates who took a more linear route.

­  尝试不同的选择会对你有利,因为这丰富了你的经验,让你接触到各种各样的领域。但问题是,当你真正想申请到那份满足你各种技能和职业目标的工作时,招聘经理可能会拒绝你,反而更青睐于那些专一的应聘者。

­  Career experts are seeing an increase in jack-of-all-trades job hunters, something they attribute to a couple of different factors. "Because of all the layoffs during the recession, workers were forced to take jobs they didn’t really want that might not have been the best fit," says Hannah Morgan, career strategist at Career Sherpa. The go-getter spirit of the millennial generation also comes into play. If millennials don’t receive promotions as quickly as they’d like, they tend to move on to a more desirable position, says Morgan, even if it’s not exactly on their career trajectory.

­  职业专家看到现在杂而不精的求职者越来越多,他们将这一现象归因于几个不同的因素。在Career Sherpa公司工作的职业策划师汉娜摩根说: “由于经济衰退期间全面的裁员,工人被迫从事他们十分不想要的工作,这份工作并不是最适合他们的。”在千禧一代里有积极进取精神的人也开始起作用。如果千禧一代不能很快得到他们所想要的晋升,他们往往会转向更理想的位置。摩根说,即使这并不符合他们的职业轨迹。

­  Yet despite all the job hopefuls with generalist backgrounds, employers are increasingly seeking candidates who have specialized expertise. Since there’s no longer an expectation of lifetime employment with a single company, many companies aren’t committed to developing and training employees, Morgan says. "They know someone is out there who has the exact skills they want, and it makes their lives easier not to train them," she says.

­  摩根说,但尽管所有的工作候选人都属于通才,雇主却会偏向寻求拥有专门技能的候选人。由于不再期望他们会在单个公司终身工作,很多企业都不会致力于加强员工的技能和培训员工。“他们知道有人正在离开原本的公司,而这些人具备他们所想要的技能,这让他们的工作生活更容易而不用去培养他们,”她说。

­  If your resume features some seemingly unconnected positions, the trick is to weave them together into a cohesive narrative that assures employers you possess the skills they’re after and gets them excited about hiring you. Here are strategies that can help you do just that—so you can transform your job-hopper history from a liability to an advantage.

­  如果你的简历上有一些看似无关的职位,诀窍是你要将他们以一个连贯的叙述编织在一起,以此让你的雇主相信你有他们正需要的技能并且让他们很高兴能够雇用你。这里有一些策略,可以帮助你做到这一点。这样你就可以将你的跳槽历史从劣势转变为优势。


­  说出对你有利的简历内容

­  Take a hard look at where you’ve been career-wise and where you want to go. Then begin to paint a picture for hiring managers that explains why your job history actually has been a logical progression, although your path has been circuitous. For example, you had one job in marketing and another in accounting because ultimately you want to manage a company, and you sought experience in both departments to round out your knowledge.

­  认真考虑下工作方面你已经做过了的以及你想往哪个方向发展,然后开始为你的招聘经理描述出一幅蓝图,说清虽然你的道路是曲折的,但你的工作经历其实一直是一个合乎逻辑的发展。例如,你曾做过市场营销,也曾做过会计,因为你最终想要管理一家公司,所以你在这两个部门摸索经验来完善自己的知识。

­  Once you bridge each job to the next, make light of the benefits of having a generalist background. Rather than something to play down, you recast it as a marketable skill. "Let’s say an employer wants someone who comes up to speed quickly," Morgan says. "A job-hopper has done that." In your resume and cover letter, brand yourself as someone who makes a fast impact in the workplace.

­  一旦你把一个工作和下面一个工作结合起来,就不用太在意自己通才的背景了。与其轻描淡写,不如将它重塑成适合市场的技能。摩根说:“如果雇主希望雇佣那些能快速跟上节奏的人,那么一个经常更换职业的人就能做到这点。”在你的简历和求职信中,试着把你自己说成能够在工作上快速产生影响的人。

­  In addition, "generalists can provide a broad perspective to the business, which can be very valuable," says Sharlyn Lauby, an author, speaker, and president of consulting firm ITM Group. "But organizations still need generalists to produce—so make sure your resume can show specific results, and quantify them whenever possible." Including a line like "mastered new operating procedures and increased efficiency by 15% within three months" highlights how you’ve made a speedy, measurable improvement.

­  此外,“通才在商业上往往能有一个广阔的视野,这是非常有价值的,”一个既是作家、演讲家,也是咨询公司ITM集团总裁的莎朗.洛碧说,“但企业仍然需要培养通才,所以一定要确保你的简历展示了具体的结果,并且尽可能的对其量化。”包括像这样的话“精通新的操作流程,三个月内提高了15%的效率”可以凸显你做出了一个快速且明显的改进。

­  Without those details, your resume could send the wrong message. "If you are not specific about your contributions in each role on your resume, some readers may assume the reason you keep moving from job to job is that you aren’t succeeding or you don’t know what you want to do," says Miriam Salpeter, owner of Keppie Careers. "Instead of just creating a laundry list of the tasks you’ve done in each role, incorporate detailed explanations of skills you used and outline your accomplishments."

­  如果没有这些细节,你的简历可能会传递出一个错误的信息。“如果你在你的简历上没有具体说明每个角色的贡献,有些读者可能会认为你之所以一直在从一个工作换到另一个工作是因为你没有成功,或者你不知道你想要做什么,”拥有Keppie Careers公司的米利亚姆.萨尔皮特说,“不要仅仅是将你每个角色完成的任务列了一箩筐,要给出你使用技能的具体且详细的解释并概括你的成就。”

­  She suggests reading through your resume, and for every item listed, ask yourself, "So what?" Your bullet points should bring to light explicit, ideally quantifiable outcomes that you’ve achieved.

­  她建议仔细阅读自己的简历,然后列出每一项,反问自己:“那又怎么样?”你的重点应该放在你已经取得的清楚明确的,理想的量化结果上。